Our beginning

We get asked quite often “How did you get into this business?” Well, I have been sewing since a young girl. In 2002, when I needed a new sewing machine, I discovered the world of computerized sewing and embroidery machines. Wow, what a difference from my Singer which was about 47 years old.

While my sister, mother and I were shopping for my new sewing machine, both my sister and I fell in love with embroidery. Yes, you guessed it! We both purchased a used sewing/embroidery machine and thought about starting a business. But, very quickly we wanted to be able to do more than our home embroidery machines could handle. While looking through magazines, we came up with the idea of buying a commercial embroidery machine. So, we researched the different commercial embroidery machines available. Then, we took classes with SCORE on starting a business, put together a business plan and went to our bank to apply for a loan to purchase the machine we choose. My sister and I started as partners in our new business, J & K Embroidery Plus, part-time while still working at our other jobs. Today, I am the sole-proprietor.

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