Photo Stitch - Embroidery from Photos

Photo Stitch Embroidery is an embroidery technique using single stitches to recreate your prized photo in stitches. One of our talented artists creates a digital stitch file using your original photo and then it is embroidered on white fabric creating your finished embroidered piece. Your embroidered piece is now ready for framing and will become a treasured Family Heirloom to pass down from generation to generation or would make a unique gift.



Photo (Original)

Embroidered piece from photo.

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I fell in love with Photo Stitch embroidery when my sister and I attended a quilt show and watched designs being stitched using the Photo Stitch technique. The original photo (above left) is a photo that my daughter took while in photography class when she was a teenager in high school of our little Lhasa Apso. I thought it would be the perfect photo for my new adventure of Photo Stitch embroidery at J & K Embroidery Plus.

Using the original black and white photo (pictured above left), a digital stitch file was created, and it was then embroidered on white fabric creating a beautiful embroidered piece (above right). The colors in the embroidered piece are the exact colors that our beautiful little Lhasa Apso was. I then had the photo framed.

The stitch count in these embroidered pieces is very high and some of the ones we have stitched have taken 6 to 8 hours to stitch. The process is very interesting to watch and as the stitches are stitched you can see the photo become alive.

A few ideas of photos that can be used would be pets, baby’s baptism, portraits, weddings, and more. At J & K Embroidery Plus, we have stitched a photo of a young man as a memorial for his parents.

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